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A Prayer needs going out to the WORLD!

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1A Prayer  needs going out to the WORLD! Empty A Prayer needs going out to the WORLD! on Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:52 pm


Article by Norway.

In reading this today, though in the reality of life WE know, this was a good day for Iraqi people and hopes for their nation. In the reality of life THEY know, it may not be.

We in the West are civilized in many ways in our daily routines, life, order we set and how we go about our lives. Sadly, MOST in America have no idea of life OUTSIDE America. No place in the world is like this country we live in and because of freedom, or what freedom we may have left, many come to this nation.

In countries outside civilized thinking, reality is many times NOT the end result of actions. We must remember, a few years ago in the last so called "democratic" vote in Iraq, Allawi and HIS group WON MORE votes than Maliki, Allawi won MORE votes as MP to lead Iraq, yet Maliki held the govt. HOSTAGE for nine months, REFUSED to leave his MP position and still remains in office today. HE LOST but is still there.

In other words, he LOST but refused to depart, even setting off bloodshed again in his nation amongst sectarian divide. THIS is common in such parts of the world.

In my travels in ministry, I have seen this FOR years. In Guatemala in 1984, the govt IN authority lost elections, refused to leave and then brought in Military for a COUP against the people.

In the Philippines, I have witnessed this for 20 years, and even when PEOPLE POWER arose to fight such corruption, it was to no avail.

Corrupt officials KNOW the fighting only lasts a short time, then dies down and they end up remaining IN power.

I have seen this time and time again in Kenya Africa. That Continent is the most dark evil continent of corruption the world has ever seen.

In Uganda, where we do ministry at times as well, Musharaff, has NEVER won an election in the last 20 years and remains in office. NO one can get him out, for the military is under HIS control.

In Kenya Africa, Daniel Moi, lost THREE elections in a row and NEVER left office, keeping his Presidency till he retired of ailing health a very old man.

Do any of Americans remember the RIOTS and GENECIDE in Kenya Africa five years ago after the current President Kibaki lost? OF course most of us do not. I do because I minister there.

Kibaki came to power when Moi stepped down. After his first five year term, so many Kenyan's despised this man, they VOTED HIM OUT, but he refused to leave office and the bloodshed and rioting in Kenya caused over 500,000 people to lose their homes, a few thousand died in tribal bloodshed, and Kibaki remained on to finish his second term. Now a new election was held and even in that, civil unrest.

So what I am saying is ONCE these men get into power, getting them OUT is almost impossible. Remember, MALIKI LOST, but remains to this day in power. SO, once again the Iraqi people are voting and GREAT NEWS Maliki and his henchmen group finished LAST. Yet getting him out, will be the hardest part.

Lastly think about America. Do OUR votes really count anymore? In Massachusetts, sadly with the recent terrorist act, of which more surely will come in our nation sadly again, but that State VOTED BY THE PEOPLE, to have the Death Penalty in force. Their democratic votes were STRUCK down by a small group who went to the State Supreme Courts to make the courts say it was unconstitutional. The people VOTED, but the govt said NO way.

In California, the citizens have VOTED SO many times over the years FOR certain rights and propositions, their VOICES are heard, things passed, THEN the courts say UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

NOW our own President petitions OUR Supreme Court to strike DOWN marriage act between a man and woman. So it is NO LONGER, WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, but WE THE GOVERNMENT.

NOW think of this. SINCE our last election, we have found out IN TRUTH, HOW MUCH VOTER FRAUD took place in favor of Obama. This is FACT. In the 52 precincts, 52 PRECINCTS of ALL Philadelphia, Mitt Romney received ZERO VOTES! Excuse me? IN A WHOLE MAJOR CITY, he received ZERO votes for his name? What happened to HIS ballots? How about those caught who said they voted SIX TIMES under different names?

WHY did our country NOT demand a new election? Because people today do not care, they just survive another day. I would pray the Iraqi people STAND UP now more than ever to DEMAND their voices be heard. Just do NOT base their lives and politics off what WE live with here.

By the way, this is a GREAT site here and I pray it grows. Be blessed.


I Am, We Are, Love, Light and Peace to ALL, Be Love!

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